MET Elfo lasten pyöräilykypärä 46-53cm (pinkki)

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Kids’ helmets have different safety considerations to those of adults.

MET Elfo helmet is shaped to let kids sit up straight while strapped into a bike seat.

The built-in anti-insect net on the MET Elfo keeps bugs and other small bits and pieces outside the helmet, where they belong.


MET has taken special care to create a child’s helmet that has no internal contact points with the fontanel, the softest part of a developing head.


  • In-mould polycarbonate shell with EPS liner
  • Ergonomic design for child seats
  • Bimbi-Secure Technology for fontanel protection
  • Safe-T E-Twist Fit System
  • Hand washable comfort pads
  • Adjustable cam divider
  • Integrated visor for extra protection
  • In-moulded anti-insect net
  • Reflective rear stickers
  • Integrated rear LED light
  • Certifications: CE; AS/NZS