PEDAL MAFIA Core bibsit miehille - sininen

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Usage: ALL Rides » Distance: How longs a piece of string » Fabric: Pre Dye Navy Lycra 
Gripper: 45mm Brace: Ventilated Mesh

Orange » Density: 120kg/m³ » Layers: 4 » Foam: TRS
Fabric: Microfibre B-Elastic » Patented Design

The Pedal Mafia Core Bib is perfect for any cyclist looking for a great all round high quality bib. Perfect for your next race, bunch ride or commute home. 

Featuring breathable and stretchable fabric panels on each leg combined with fully ventilated brace panelling, this bib will outlive anything that is currently in your collection. 

You'll love our High Density Ergonomic orange chamois that uses open cell foam allowing you to ride all day.