SIGR 'Gulsparv' HI-VIZ Cycling Shoe Covers

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Ideal for the cyclist who wants some extra visibility by using biomotion to their advantage while also keeping their toes warm and dry. A super visible combination of fluo yellow and high silver reflective means they perform day or night.

Biomotion is an important thing to think of when you are cycling. Anything which triggers a car driver's brain to realise that the shape in front of him/her is a cyclist = win win for all concerned. You instantly become safer on the road.

Because the feet are what moves the most for a cyclist, it is without doubt the best place to have a biomotive product, in this case our hi-viz shoe covers.

Size info:

  • Small = 32-36 Europe shoe size
  • Medium = 37-41 Europe shoe size
  • Large = 42-44 Europe shoe size
  • XL = 45-47 Europe shoe size
  • The covers are very stretchy but if you are between sizes, go for the larger size.


  • Cut-out for all common pedal systems
  • highly reflective parts 
  • Armoured bottom
  • Zipper at back 
  • High-vis fabric. 
  • Water tight. 


  • 95% Polyester
  • 5% SPANDEX