SIGR 'PRO RIKSVÄG 92' - Bibsit miehille

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These are for the person who wants the best we have. We think it's awesome too, that our new recycled fibre is of such high performance that we can use it for a top of the line product.

Our bibs are well known as among the most comfortable and long lasting out there. We actually get more positive comments about our bibs than almost any other product. For this reason we are not in a hurry to change a winning concept.

But after feedback from our team who competed in last years Swedish tour 'Sverigeloppet' in Sigr's bibs, we decided to tweak just a few details. The shape of the padding has been slightly adjusted to be even more comfortable and this year we're using a higher quality recycled material.

The leg gripper cuff is wider on our PRO bibs and sports the Sigr logo in subtle but quietly powerful black on black ;)