SIGR 'Riksväg 99' pyöräilychinokset miehille (khaki)

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Sisältää veron.

These super stylish Sigr cycling chino trousers allow you to take your bike with you to more places and on more occasions than ever before.

We’ve even included some innovative safety details on our chinos that as far as we know are completely unique. Hi-viz strips on the back pockets and the pièce de résistance, turn up your trouser bottoms to reveal reflective stripes that will help keep you safe on the ride home.

Our chinos are named after Swedish national road 99 or Riksväg 99 – if there’s one thing you can say about this road it’s ‘North’… almost the northest north can be in Sweden in fact. Oh, it’s also 360km long, so to sum up, very north and very long.


  • Great cut, comfortable with enough stretch for biking, gotta allow those knees to move!
  • Reflective details when back pockets are folded
  • Hidden reflective details in the pant leg bottoms, visible when turned up
  • A great coffee recipe inside the pocket
  • Did we say comfortable yet classy?
  • Pilling resistant
  • Sigr logo


  • 48% cotton
  • 48% polyester
  • 4% spandex
  • Back logo label is vegan friendly (non leather label)