SIGR 'Sidensvans' -pyöräilylippis (valkoinen)

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What can we say about this cap? Great for slightly warming your head if it's windy, shading your eyes from the sun and of course most importantly, for decorating your head. Fredrik our designer has agonized night after night, looking for the perfect 2019 colours so you better like them. This cap is available with black, petrol, red or white peak.

A classic cycling cap. Peak up or down? up to you. Get your 2019 season cap now.

Fun Sigr fact: The "Sidensvans" or "Bohemian waxwing" as it is known in English is a bird known for flying around in big gangs (flocks are for innocent birds, these guys are way more shady) and raiding Rowan trees, stripping them of their bounty of berries within minutes, the "Piranha of the air" if you will. Anyway, this bird inspired the Vikings to leave the baking warmth of Scandinavia in big gangs to steal stuff in far off lands. Honest.

Fabric: 100% cotton

Size: 56-59 cm head circumference, ’one-size-fits-most’