SPANNINGA takavalo O-Guard Black

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Outstanding design and Outstanding performance! That is what the O-GUARD rearlight stands for. It uses 2 low consumption LEDs to produce a light output of 4 Candela. The O-GUARD is suitable for mounting on the mudguard of your bicycle.


The O-GUARD rearlight is very easy to mount and easy to use. It has a big, integrated push button in the middle, which can be used perfectly even when wearing gloves. Next to its unique and original design, the O-GUARD ensures a high degree of visibility and therefore safety on the road.

Functions & Performance

But what does this “high degree” of visibility mean? In the case of the O-GUARD, it means a visibility distance of 500 meters in which you are seen by other road users. But it also means a high light output of 4 Candela.

The battery version of the O-GUARD has an impressive burntime of 50 hours and works with 2x AAA batteries (also supplied within the package). Are you running out of battery power? You don’t need to worry about riding in the dark, because the battery load indicator will give a clear signal on forehand. When the indicator starts to burn, it is time to change your batteries. To do this, you simply take a coin and open the O-GUARD rearlight. 

The O-GUARD is conform to German and Danish standards.