SUBLIME HEROICS Striped -sukat (musta-valkoinen)

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Sublime Heroics believes athletic socks should provide support via the right amount of compression, keep you fresh all day by being breathable, and just like the shoes you wear - be as light as possible.

The ideal height for athletic socks is 15-18 cm. This brings the cuff of the sock up to just below the calf muscle, and allows for a gentle compression around the lower leg section.

These lightweight socks use a 15 cm cuff, which provide plenty of structure to keep them in place, and the the ultra-thin breathable mesh-knit is durable and keeps your feet cool while the material is wicking, and prevents odors from building up.

Sublime Heroics proudly designs and makes their socks in the USA, using recycled materials.

60% Nylon, 39% Recycled Polyester, 1% Lycra

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. No bleach, softeners, or harsh detergents.